Color-op Teamwork is vital in this classic arcade style co-operative game to beat the colored invasion! 2P - WIN/MAC/LINUX
for WIN63.5 MB - check downloads for other systems.



Color-op is a 2-player co-operative arcade game where both players control a space ship holding a glowing orb. When the ships are in range of each other and are charging the same color, the orbs connect with a mighty laser beam. With this beam of glorious destruction the players must work together to defeat the colored invasion. The working-together part will probably lead to a fair bit of hilarity, so go give it a bash!

Color-op was a project born from a simple idea and a quick prototype. This idea was then further developed into the 8-10 maximum minutes of pure arcade-like fun that it is now. Getting to those final 8-10 minutes is quite the challenge though, so be warned and come prepared with a partner who is up for the challenge to tackle Color-op!


Color-op was developed by Arno de Bruijn, Ruud Koorevaar and Thomas Pathuis over the course of a few months during weekends and off-time. Arno took on the challenge of making everything tick behind the scenes in code. Ruud was responsible for the first prototype and designing and fine-tuning the gameplay. And finally, Thomas made sure the entire package looked appealing design-wise and that the in-game mechanics all aligned perfectly.


  • Heaps of 2 player fun!
  • Co-operative gameplay was never so co-operative before.
  • Controlled random gameplay to ensure lots of replay value.
  • Classic arcade style easy to pick up, but hard to master.
  • … And maybe a couple of bruises from your partner, but you'll live I'm sure!
  • Color-op
  • Color-op
  • Color-op
  • Color-op
for WIN63.5 MB - check downloads for other systems.

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