About bitHuffel

In a long lost world the Huffel referred to a mystical creature found roaming on the low laying hills of the Netherlands. As a muse and co-conspirator to copious amounts of exhilarating creations, the Huffel was sought after by many who were looking for such creative exploitations. Today, the Huffel can be found reborn in a collective which has taken on the legacy of this unbound creature. Fitting to today's technological standards the Huffel took on a shape of bytes, polygons and matrices. It became the bitHuffel. Through the exploration of binary mazes a multitude of entertaining, purposeful and innovative digital creations were established, and plans for the future will ensure the legacy of the bitHuffel will last.

Currently bitHuffel consists of Arno de Bruijn and Ruud Koorevaar.

Initial corporate design by Thomas Pathuis.